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Bramah Locks : Keys

All Bramah keys are individual and unique. The Bramah factory makes all our keys as well as the Bramah key machines that cut the actual keys. A Bramah key is made of stainless steel and has a round appearance with a crown on the top with a nib to one side. Each key comes with a protective cap to keep lint and dust from accumulating in the centre or in the cuts - both of which must be kept clear of dirt at all times.

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  Specification Sheets and Fitting Instructions:

Bramah Keys

Bow and Length of keys
All keys are made with a coinbow attached at the end one holds. The standard bow is 22mm in diameter, with a larger one of 33mm available on two key lengths (C50 and C63). This option is available to help customers with arthritic or weak fingers, while giving more leverage should a cylinder be used with a heavily sprung lockcase. As standard, and for high security, no key number is stamped on the coinbow, though for specific customers and by request, this is can be added to aid in identification.

In total, nine shank lengths of keys are available. The shank length of a key is a function of the door width (UK standard 44mm), the size of door stop, and deepness of the reveal. The standard key length used is 37mm (C37). In addition standard ex stock options exist for 50mm, 63mm, 82mm, 110mm, 133mm, 152mm, 200mm and 230mm.

Ordering and extra replacement keys
All modern Bramah keys, subject to compliance with the key registration system, may be ordered by person or by post. We despatch all correctly authorised keys within 48 hours. To cut a key, we require your key number (on registration Card) or key, the length you require, or, the correct signature or authorization, the payment, or your account details. Orders and enquiries as to procedure should be addressed to the Bramah Key Department on +44 (0)20 8700 272624.

Registration system
All new key mechanisms leave our factory unregistered. It is up to the purchaser of the key mechanism to register the key using the registration card provided. All registration cards received are kept securely in London with access limited to authorised personnel of Bramah's. A person whose signature is not on the registration card will be refused a key. In the event of a key holder's death, or the purchase of house with Bramah locks fitted, please call the Bramah Key Department on +44 (0)20 8700 272624.